Important Days of A.A.

Dear Friends:

It is with great sadness that we share the news
that Nell Wing died on Wednesday, February 14,
2007 at 7:00 p.m. after a lengthy illness. Nell
was 89 years old.

As most of you know, Nell was Bill W.’s secretary
and assistant for 17 years and a close friend
and long-time companion to Lois W. She worked
at the General Service Office of A.A. from the
beginning of 1947 until her retirement at the
close of 1982, starting as a receptionist and
later becoming secretary of A.A. World Services,
Inc. Additionally, she served as G.S.O.’s first
archivist for the last ten of her years at the
office. The Archives opened in 1975.

We would like to take a moment to celebrate
Nell’s life and share the following:

From Markings, November/December 1983, when
Nell announced her retirement in print:
“…I hope to stay nearby; and never lessen
interest in this fellowship, nor loosen the
close bonds of friendship with my A.A. and
Al-Anon friends. I’m forever grateful for this
marvelous experience that began for me on
March 3, 1947, at 415 Lexington Ave., New York
City, in 3 small rooms of the Central Terminal
Building. I have enjoyed and treasured every
moment of it. I won’t say `goodbye:’ just want
to extend my love and thanks to each one of
you dear friends.”

Please join all of us at the General Service
Office in extending our heartfelt condolences
to Nell’s family.

Thank you,

Amy Filiatreau
AA World Services, Inc.


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