Important Days Of A.A

March 1936 – AA had 10 members staying sober. At end of 1936 A.A. had
15 members.
March-May 1938 – Bill begins writing the book Alcoholics Anonymous.
Works Publishing Inc established to support writing and printing of
the book.
March 1940 – Mort J. came to LA from Denver; started custom of
reading Chapter 5 Big Book at Cecil group.
March 1941 – Second printing of Big Book.
March 1941 – 1st Prison AA Group formed at San Quentin.
March 1946 – The March of Time film is produced by NY AA office.
March 1949 – Dr. Bob considers idea of AA conference premature.
March 1951 – American Weekly publishes memorial article for Dr. Bob.
March 1, 1939 – Readers Digest fails to write article on AA.
March 1, 1941 – Jack Alexander’s Saturday Evening Post article
published and membership jumped from 2,000 to 8,000 by years end.
March 3 1947 – Nell Wing started work at Alcoholic Foundation 415
Lexington Avenue.
March 4, 1891 – Lois W is born.
March 5, 1945 – Time Magazine reports Detroit radio broadcasts of AA
March 7, 1940 — Bill and Lois visited the Philadelphia AA group.
March 7, 1941 — Boston newspaper reported that any drunk who wanted
to get well was more than welcome at the AA meeting at 115 Newbury
St., at 8 PM Wednesdays.
March 9, 1941 – Wichita Beacon reports AA member from NY who wants to
form a group in Wichita.
March 10, 1944 – New York Intergroup was established.
March 11, 1949 – The Calix Society, an association of Roman Catholic
alcoholics who are maintaining their sobriety through participation
in Alcoholics Anonymous, was formed in Minneapolis by five Catholic
AA members.
March 14, – South Orange, NJ, AA group held an anniversary dinner
with Bill W as guest speaker
March 15, 1941 – 1st AA group formed in New Haven, Connecticut. Not
reported in paper until Oct 1, 1941.
March 16, 1940 – Alcoholic Foundation & Works Publishing move from
Newark to 30 Vesey St in lower Manhattan. First headquarters of our
March 21, 1881 – Anne R, Dr Bobs wife, is born.
March 21 1966 – Ebby dies.
March 22, 1951 – Dr William Duncan Silkworth dies at Towns Hospital.
March 22, 1984 – Clarence S, “Home Brewmeister”, dies.
March 23, 1936 – Bill & Lois visit Fitz M, “Our Southern Friend”, in
March 25, 1898 — Jim B (“The Vicious Cycle”) was born.
March 29, 1943 — The Charleston Mail, WV, reported on Bill W’s talk
at St. John’s Parish House.
March 31, 1947 – 1st AA group formed in London, England.


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